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Shakedown vs. Third Alarm

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Recently, the Chicago Outfit Shakedown hit the road and headed out to Indianapolis to take on the Naptown Roller Girl’s Third Alarm. Other than a scrimmage against the DuPage Derby Dames, this was our first game of the season. Though we knew we were facing a tough opponent, we were pumped to get our season […]

Rookie on the Roster: Counting Down to the Home Opener

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Last November and December, I attended the Chicago Outfit’s Boot Camp and Tryouts. Officially, I’ve been a member since January. I’m rostered for the Home Opener this Saturday – my first public roller derby bout. I could say it’s no big deal, and I’d be lying through my teeth. So this is how things go […]

Dealing with Derby Stress

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It’s morning on a typical practice day. I’m in the kitchen trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast and it’s already happening. Here’s my train of thought: Hmm. Should I have some yogurt? Better hydrate. What should I eat after practice to recover? How should I cross train? What if I get hurt? […]

Featured Skater – April 2013

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[moover id=”5″] Sam EH Shocker #21 Q: How did you first become involved in roller derby? A: My friend Martha Walls sent me a random text message, one day, asking if I could roller skate. She usually challenges me with fun fitness ideas so I said, ‘No, but I can give it a try.’ I guess […]

Tales from Brokebutt Mountain

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Or, a derby girl’s journey with injury… We all have them, or will have them: old war wounds that come back to bite us in the . . . you know. For some, it’s an old knee injury. For others, it’s a sprained ankle that won’t quit. It may be something that happened to your […]

How to Fall Down

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There are plenty of ways to fall down, on skates and otherwise. Speaking specifically of derby, we can get hit, blocked, counter-blocked, our skates get caught up, and occasionally they just fly out from under us. As is the case with life in general, there is absolutely no way to play derby without falling down. […]